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How to Make the Most of Your Senior Portrait Session


Along with our years of experience in photographing seniors, our state-of-the-art cameras, lighting, retouching, and finishing services will make you look great. But you can help by following some simple rules for your session. To start, let's look at...


Clothing is critical to the success of your photographic session. We recommend that you bring several outfits from which to choose. We would be happy to help you make choices based on how different clothing photographs.   Keep in mind...


  • Wear simple styles and solid colors. We want the viewer’s eye to gravitate to you and not the clothing.

  • Wear clothing with sleeves, preferably long sleeves.

  • Look at the images on our web site or stop by the studio for examples of good clothing choices; feel free to call and talk to us prior to your session about your choices and ideas.

  • Wear long pants or jeans for guys, / shorts, skirts, dresses or pants for girls.

  • Bring your cheerleading uniform, band uniform, even your snowboarding outfit.


  • Wear sleeveless clothing; it draws attention away from the face and makes you look heavier.

  • Wear bold colors, checks, stripes, plaids, or other patterns, or lettered T-shirts; these all take away from the real subject of the image: YOU!

  • Go for a sloppy look (you know who you are...); it may seem trendy today, but in 20 years your kids will laugh at you the same way you laugh at your parents' senior portraits now. Trust me, I've been there...

These are all suggestions for the best portraits but you may wear what you like.

It’s Your Portraits!

Now that you've got the clothes, let's talk about...



The best way to make this YOUR portrait session is with props and accessories. Think about who you are and what kinds of things you enjoy; then bring them along...

  • Sports Equipment; tennis racquet, football, hockey stick, soccer get the idea.

  • Musical instruments; violin, clarinet, guitar...

  • Skis, snowboard, car, motorcycle, mountain bike...

  • Drawing tablet, books, model airplanes...get creative!

  • Don't forget your dog, cat, horse (yes, horse!).

  • Think of something unusual? Hey, we love a challenge!

Now that you've got clothing and props, how about...


Yep, time to get you prepped and ready to go. Make sure you...

  • Get your hair cut at least a week before your session; you want to be comfortable with how your hair looks, rather than coming straight from the stylist.

  • Guys, shave close but shave carefully; you don't want to pay extra for retouching of razor burns.

  • Ladies, easy on the make-up. Remember, we're gonna take care of blemishes, skin discolorations, etc. when we retouch your images. Do you think all the girls on our website looked that fantastic BEFORE retouching??

  • Your orthodontist may be able to temporarily remove braces for your session. We can also retouch braces from your images for an additional fee.

  • Don't sweat the small stuff; blemishes and the like will be gone when you receive your final images.

That about covers it.
Except for the most important part...


Your portrait reflects who you are. If you come ready to have fun with us, we'll have fun with you, and the images will reflect that. Mom was right after all; if you come well-rested and ready for a fun time, you'll look better. And most importantly, let us know what YOU want to do. This is your session, be part of planning it. We'll have some great ideas, too, but we want your input. Feel free to call us beforehand if you have any special requests. We'll go the extra mile (or 1.6 km) to get you the images you want.

Questions? CALL US! 719-636-5116. We always enjoy talking to our clients about their portrait sessions, so call anytime. We're here from 9:00 to 5:30, Monday through Friday.